A Diagnostic and Support service for Children with Autism and Social Communication Difficulties.

My diagnostic assessments are tailored to the individual needs of the child and I use the diagnostic tools that are most appropriate. The assessment includes a developmental history, questionnaires and reports from other professionals. It may include a school or home visit. I am qualified to administer the following diagnostic assessments: the Lorna Wing Centre DISCO — Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders; the 3Di — Developmental Dimensional and Diagnostic interview; the ADOS — Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. If additional assessments are needed my service can offer an independent Speech and Language assessment and a Cognitive assessment from qualified and experienced clinicians.

I use a range of materials including visual aids, drawing and painting, diagrams, rating scales, books, educational videos and relevant online material.

The DISCO assessment is particularly suited to diagnosing girls whose autism traits can go undetected due to their ability to compensate, adapt and conceal their difficulties. The ADOS will often not identify autism in girls as it is based primarily on how autism presents in boys, which can be very different.

  • The DISCO – The Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communications Disorders, is a National Autistic Society accredited diagnostic assessment. The DISCO uses a detailed and semi-structured interview to collect information concerning all aspects of an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and atypical behaviour. It is designed to elicit a picture of the whole person throughout the story of their development and behaviour. It can assist in identifying conditions often associated with the spectrum such as ADHD and dyspraxia.
  • The 3DI - developmental dimensional diagnostic interview, is a highly structured computer based developmental assessment that asks a range of questions about a person’s childhood development and current functioning. It looks not only at Autism Spectrum Conditions, but also considers whether a range of related issues (e.g. ADHD and language difficulties) might overlap with Autistic Spectrum conditions or provide a better overall explanation for a person's difficulties.
  • The ADOS – Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule uses semi structured activities and conversations to provide opportunities to observe and understand the behaviours, strengths and difficulties in social communication, interaction and play that are important for diagnosis.

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The interventions I offer include CBT, counseling and psychotherapy, parent advice and support. I use a range of materials including visual aids, drawing and painting, diagrams, rating scales, books, educational videos and relevant online material. See my services page

Assessment Fees:

Developmental Assessment £200
ADOS assessment £200
School Observation £120 plus travel
Independent Cognitive assessment - fee on request
Independent Speech and Language Assessment - fee on request
Report £400
Feedback meeting £60

Can I help?

If you would like to make an appointment or discuss your concerns with me in order to decide whether I am the right service for you, please contact me by email or phone 07931 950514. More details of where I work and fees can be found on the Contact page.