Hertfordshire Counselling and Autism service for children, teenagers and families

I endeavor to help you talk about what is troubling you, to understand your ways of thinking and feeling and how past experiences and events may have affected you. Together we can work on ways to resolve or manage your underlying issues and reduce the intensity of difficult feelings and behaviour. If you are a parent, I work closely with you to enable you to become confident and effective in creating change for your child and family.

Autism Diagnostic and Intervention Service

I offer diagnostic assessment and support for individuals across the age range who are verbally fluent. Click here for a link to my Autism service or see my Autism page for further information

See my Autism page for further details and fees.

Some of the difficulties I can help with include:

  • Depression, low mood and low self esteem.
  • Anxiety problems such as separation, social and performance anxiety
  • Anger management and emotional regulation
  • Relationship issues such as peer problems, sibling and family conflict.
  • Parent-child relationship such as breakdown in communication.
  • Bullying issues such as resilience, recovery and self-confidence.
  • Parenting such developing strategies and consistency.
  • Trauma and abuse
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Bereavement.

Types of Intervention

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and Counselling

It can be helpful to talk, to express yourself and work through troubling feelings such as fear, worry, hurt, anger, loss and rejection. For children who find it hard to communicate, expression through drawing, painting, writing and play can be helpful. I offer a space and opportunity for you or your child to explore your thoughts and feelings. Through the process of getting to know you, containing your feelings, understanding and reflecting on difficult experiences I can help you develop better insight into your or your child’s difficulties and reduce unhelpful patterns of behavour. My aim is to help you to face life’s challenges with more confidence and to live more fully.

Individual therapy requires consistency of the appointment time, the setting and length of session. A session is 50 minutes and is at the same time each week. The duration of this intervention is usually from 12 to 40 sessions and can be longer.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

CBT can help reduce anxious and depressed feelings and thoughts by making changes in perceptions and beliefs about a situation. It can help with emotional and behavioural regulation. CBT enables individuals to identify their emotions and thoughts and to understand what triggers unhelpful responses; it challenges rigid patterns of thinking and encourages helpful, balanced and flexible responses. In addition to talking about thoughts and feelings I use a range of materials including visual aids, drawing and painting, diagrams, rating scales, books, educational videos and relevant online material. I work with parents to enable them to support their child to face their fears, tolerate frustration and difficult emotions. CBT is usually between 4 and 16 sessions and can be spread over a number of months.

Parent Work

I offer a confidential, safe and non-judgmental space for you to talk about your child, family and parenting issues, providing advice, support and strategies. My aim is to help you become effective in creating change for yourself and your family and to gain resilience and confidence to sustain workable strategies. I work with parents who are going through a separation or divorce to help them to put their children’s feelings and needs at the centre of the process.

Family Work

I provide an opportunity for families to think together to identify core issues, enhance understanding and communication and develop effective strategies for managing conflict. I encourage families to explore a range of strategies to improve their wellbeing, such as increasing positive feedback, setting goals, maintaining boundaries, using mindfulness, relaxation techniques and improving health and fitness. There are many websites, apps and film clips demonstrating these ideas on my Links page.

Can I help?

If you would like to make an appointment or discuss your concerns with me in order to decide whether I am the right service for you, please contact me by email or phone 07931 950514 or use my contact page. More details of where I work, fees etc can be found on the Contact page